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Coating on particles: Surface modification

we have established a unique deposition technique for to a wide variety of various types of fine-particles and micro-component surface such as a metal, non-metal, ceramics, polymers, selectively modified-bearing coating any material, it is the one of the applications of "plasma control technology".

We have “2” methods for qualified-bearing coating on particles, customers can select the way to coating according to their materials and use.
One of the at using various raw material gas during the film formation "CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method" is a modified-bearing coating techniques. CVD method can realize the coating of the material over the entire surface, the high-rate deposition for fast production tact by using a chemical reaction.

Figure 1: DLC modification example to using a CVD method, polymer (PMMA) fine particles

Representative film-forming applications using CVD method

DLC modifications / carrying

  • To a variety of materials and micro-parts, insulation imparting and dispersion improvement, application to the magnetic device

SiOx modifications / carrying

  • To a variety of materials and micro-parts, as a high-adhesion insulating film
  • By the barrier improvement of organic EL device, preventing performance degradation

In another deposition technique, in technique using various target raw materials, it becomes "PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) method" so-called "sputtering". This process, because it is easy to control the purity of the modified-supported material is a case to be used as various noble metal modified frequently. Also, in case you are looking for a strong qualified-bearing adhesion, we recommend the coating process by the "PVD method" of applying this physical reaction.

Figure 2: Pt-Ru alloy supported example of the carbon catalyst using PVD method

Typical deposition application example using the PVD method

Pt modification and carrying

  • Catalytic surface area control, activation of various catalytic reactions, application to cosmetic applications

Au modification and carrying

  • Decorative improvement and material corrosion resistance grant of inexpensive, application to cosmetic applications.

Ag modification and carrying

  • As a low-cost technology of Ag paste contact improvement material

Correspondence possible size of various types of qualified-bearing coating is from the general order of microns or more of the particle diameter size, sub-micron order to the nanoparticle size, it has adapted to the target particle diameter size of a wide range. The Apparatus size is small for the experiment, prototype level of medium-sized, and large-scale mass production field of view, are covered for answer your demand. We are also providing a coating service. If you have any demand of various sample coating trial, please do not hesitate to contact us to our company.

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