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DLC for Molds: Wear resistance and mold release

DLC coating by PE-CVD method has been specialized in for various type of mold in our development and research. We use "source gas" for the DLC coating process. Therefore, we have advantages to deposit films conformally and a good adhesion to complicated shapes.

As an example, we deposited the DLC film onto an injection mold for the resin material of screw mold parts. These mold has relatively uneven surface and fine grooves. However, DLC coatings were uniformly deposited onto the entire surface of the mold.

In the case of these molds, a type of resin injected was "glass fiber 40-50 percent mixed resin" which is likely to cause severe wear of molds. However, after YOUTEC PCVD-DLC was formed about 2um, the life was extended more than 2.5 times (Currently, continuing the durability test).

In the case of the molds that require a high degree of accuracy at the time of injection molding, "surface flatness" after DLC coating will also be necessary. We have a long history of working with DLC film coating. We have conducted many research and development experiments on surface flatness.

AFM analysis image

(1) DLC coating standard

(2) Improved products

(3) High Flatness products

* The average surface roughness (Ra): the standard film-forming products/ 3-10nm, high flatness products/ 0.13-0.25nm

The history of our high flatness DLC film has a deep relation with the HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Hard disks in HDD, are rotating at a speed of thousands rpm. (The outermost speed is also said to several hundred kilometers per hour.)

When reading and writing of data, the small parts called "magnetic head" is close to the HDD surface. The distance between the hard disk and the magnetic head is very close, as "airplane is flying at ultra-low altitude of a few millimeters." Therefore, the small impact to HDD would cause damage on the hard disk surface which induce a fatal error.

Our DLC film property is suitable for the overcoat of hard disk such as smooth surface, thickness uniformity and high controllability of film thickness.
therefore, our DLC coating is achieved about 50% global share in today's HDD industry. Based upon the experience and know-how obtained from HDD business, we have developed the technology of DLC film. Currently, we are applying this technique to the mold products.

Our coating film can control color from brown to black and hardness is achieved up to about 30GPa. Insulation resistance can be varied from 108 to 1010Ωcm. Friction coefficient can be controlled from 0.06 to 0.20.

If you have any questions about DLC coating, please contact us. We would like to support to enhance the added value to your products.

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