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DLC for PET bottles: High gas barrier

Our DLC technology has also been applied to PET bottles for various drink.

PET bottles are widely used because they are suitable for recycling and also light and easy to carry. However, the PET bottle's weak point is that it is easier to permeate oxygen than a glass bottle or a can. Therefore, beer and wine are packaged in glass bottles and cans to maintain a good flavor.

We have developed the technology of DLC coating inside the PET bottle to improve gas barrier property of a PET bottle since 1998.
Oxygen permeability of PET bottles is shown in the graph below.

The result shows that DLC coating achieved a ten or fifteen-fold reduction of the oxygen permeability for PET bottle.
Therefore, when our DLC coating technology is used, an additional value of a bottle can be raised effectively.
Our unique technology that applies DLC coating in PET container is made up of the following process.

Our original electrode technology is contained in this equipment, and it's possible to make plasma discharge according to the shape inside the PET bottle. This DLC coating also shows the practical performance enough in tens of nano-meter of film thickness, and it can be said that it is very excellent way to form film.

Currently, we are developing plasma control technology by improving the plasma frequency to coat various container sizes.
In addition, we are researching and developing to improve the coating efficiency and the transport mechanism.

We introduce an example of the DLC coating PET bottle container that have actually been put to practical use at the end.
wine, carbonated drinks, sake, etc.

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