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CO₂ cleaning apparatus: FUBUKI®

Ultra-low dew point temperature CO₂ spray cleaning apparatus "FUBUKI®"

Our CO₂ spray cleaning technology reached the top of the cleaning process for a field of semiconductor. We will propose the best CO₂ spray cleaning apparatus for your needs.

Apparatus Overview

We developed the apparatus for precision cleaning according to the fine dry ice particles, at the ultra-low dew point temperature space under atmosphere or vacuum.


  • High versatility nozzle design gives uniform cleaning of wide range or powerful spot cleaning
  • Low dew point temperature control systems and anti-static technology to prevent dew condensation at low temperatures
  • Preventing deposition design of blown CO₂ particles (Patent pending)
  • The establishment of a high-efficiency CO₂ playback system, aiming the suppression of the running costs

Intended Use

  • Pre-treatment cleaning and the organic film removal cleaning to the base material which cannot be washed with water
  • Removal of micro-burrs and/or cullet of a 3D printers workpiece, an electronic device and a glass substrate

Examples of customer application

G-MR head Dry etching, burr removal after sputtering. slurry removal after CMP
Semiconductor Photomask cleaning, Hoop cleaning
Compound semiconductor Metal lift-off process
LCD Glass particle removal after scribe break
CCD sensor Removal of particles on the micro-lens, Removal of particles at the time of packaging
OLED Cleaning of the ITO surface (dark spot removal)
HDD Media Cleaning before metal film deposition, cleaning before DLC deposition, HDD housing cleaning
Optical lens Cleaning before optical film deposition, slurry removal after polishing

Products Lineup

Full automatic equipment VCCS-01T

C to C for Wafer washing, Single-wafer cleaning equipment

Semi-automatic equipment VCCS-02T

Correspond to any size wafers. Ideal for laboratory equipment and small series products too

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